Are you considering website builders like Clickfunnels or Kajabi? Then you need to take a serious look at Kartra.

In this honest Kartra review we’ll go through:

  • The “all-in-one” online business platform
  • The pricing structure
  • And 8 reasons why you should consider switching to Kartra vs Clickfunnels or any other platform.

In fact, Kartra saved me over $122 per month ($1464 per year!), even though I already kept my business operations pretty lean.

So are you looking for a platform where every internet marketing tool is conveniently in one place?

Or do you wish you didn’t have to deal with loads of technical issues and stitch together multiple different platforms?

If yes then keep on reading, as we’ll dive deeper into the software.


Overview of Kartra

Now I’ve been using this platform for the past couple of months, and I’ve tried everything from the funnel builder to the course creator.

And to be honest, I’ve been blown away by everything that’s integrated into Kartra, and it’s just so convenient to have everything in one place. 

That’s what brought me in as a customer to this product.

After testing the software for a while, I’ve come to realize some key benefits and what this software can do, which I’ll include in the Kartra review.

But just to quickly summarize for anyone that’s not familiar with the platform; 

Kartra is a cloud-based software to run your entire online business operation (note that this is not for physical products like dropshipping).

It integrates several essential business tools under one roof that you most likely will need in your business such as;

  • Website builder / Funnel Creator
  • Integrated Email Autoresponder Platform
  • Managing and tracking your leads, prospects, and customers
  • Course creator named memberships
  • Cart integration with payment gateways
  • Video hosting
  • Helpdesk with a full-blown ticket and chat functionality
  • Calendars for booking and consulting with your customers
  • Done-for-you campaigns by the top internet marketers
  • And more…

Everything is geared towards serving your customers in the best possible way, which is what we want in a business.

Benefits of using Kartra


The first benefit of this product, and it’s maybe the most obvious one, is convenience.

It’s convenient to have everything in one place. 

Having your email autoresponder talking with your website builder, with your opt-in forms, and having it integrated with your funnels is damn convenient.

Your time is priceless. And thanks to Kartra, just think of all the time you won’t be wasting on:

  • Researching and test-driving countless software choices
  • Learning different platforms
  • Logging back and forth between all your different software
  • Trying to integrate those platforms
  • Trying to make sense of their different data sets
  • Designing marketing pages and emails

That’s what brought me in just to save time, save money, and having everything in one place, which may be the most significant selling point for Kartra.

Work ON your business

Now for the second benefit in our Kartra review, it allows you to work ON your business instead of IN your business. 

What I mean by that is that you don’t have to go out and search for new software, stitch them together, and deal with technicalities. 

Instead, everything is already available for you in one platform from the getgo, and it just works!

You can focus on marketing better, acquiring leads, and nurturing those leads. 

Placing all of your effort on your overall business proposal and strategy instead of having to fix stuff is a huge deal to boost your return on investment.

Overview of assets

What this does is that it helps you to be congruent with how you look and present yourself and your business online. Think of having a bird’s view of everything.

I had that problem before where I had a website somewhere, and then I had email marketing somewhere else, which was not congruent with the first platform. 

Later on, I added a third platform, and then I didn’t even remember what I wrote somewhere in some funnel.

As you can see, I just became inconsistent, and here in Kartra, you have everything in one place, again convenient but also professional. 

It looks good when everything is streamlined, and it’s important to be congruent.


The fourth benefit of this product is that it expands when you are ready to expand. 

So with that being said, it’s only when you grow your business, your leads, and you’re acquiring prospects that you might need to upgrade your plan.

And it also goes for the available tools. 

Let’s say that you, in the beginning, only need a website builder and an email autoresponder, check. Business is going onward, and you’re expanding and growing.

Now you’re ready to add an online course, and instead of having to go out and look for another platform, it’s already there inside Kartra waiting for you. 

And that’s very powerful because it gives you all the tools, but you don’t need to use everything.


Kartra has a superior, beneficial, and unhyped community on the official Facebook page, and everyone in there is ready to help and support you out of goodwill!

They are real business owners with a lot of experience in Kartra. It’s a significant layer of support outside of the official Kartra helpdesk system.

Kartra Pricing

Alright, so let’s get into Kartra pricing. They have a monthly payment of $99 per month, and their starter package has up to 2,500 leads. 

If you have more than that to manage, then you will need to upgrade to the silver per plan, which allows for up to 12,500 leads for $199 per month.

But here is the deal, concerning Kartra vs Clickfunnels and Kajabi, Kartra is the cheapest one, and they have everything unlocked from the start.

Clickfunnels’ basic plan that covers the funnel builder runs for $97 per month. 

If you need to integrate email marketing into your business, you will need to upgrade to Clickfunnels Platinum to get Actionetics, which is their autoresponder tool for $297 per month.

Checking at Kajabi the monthly plan (not the annual discount that they show when you land on the page) will require you to pay $149 per month for their basic plan. 

If you have more than three products, you will need to upgrade to $199 per month.

Let’s do the math

First, let’s tally the costs of all those separate software platforms you used to have to buy. 

Each one can easily cost over $100 a month.

Let’s say you’re able to get by with just 6 different platforms for your:

Emailing, marketing, shopping carts, funnel pages, lead management, and video hosting. 

  • 12 months x $100 x 6 platforms: $7,200
  • 12 months of Kartra Silver all-in-one software: under $2,400

Kartra just saved you $4,800 a year.

For less than the cost of most single apps, Kartra gives you the functionality of all of them.

So comparing the prices clearly shows that Kartra is the winner, and there’s not much more to say about this in my honest opinion. 

The Build Quality of Kartra

The only thing that I found frustrating with building in Kartra was when I was using and messing around with the website builder. 

For me at least it was a bit weird when I wanted to go outside of the pre-made templates.

Building my site from scratch, moving the frames, and having to drag and drop with precision could sometimes be painful. 

It’s not perfect, but I don’t consider this to be a dealbreaker in our Kartra review.

Regarding support, getting help from their helpdesk usually takes around one full day as you are submitting tickets. 

When they eventually come back to you, they are very detailed in their answer, and they even go into your account and screen record the solution for you, which is very helpful.

Kartra is not made for blogging

WordPress is best in class for blogging, as Kartra is best in class for marketing campaigns and overall online business management. 

So if you’re heavy on blog posts and SEO, then I would suggest having a WordPress website on the side of Kartra, because it’s like comparing apples to pears.

This blog post you’re reading right now is on the WordPress platform for SEO purposes.

Now, for example, if you’re a total beginner who is just starting, I would suggest going with building a WordPress website.

Learn SEO, implement SEO, get traffic, start getting some traction. 

When you feel like you need to add on more tools like funnels, a course creator, then bring in Kartra and have your marketing efforts handled by the platform.

And it’s fully possible to integrate Kartra forms into your WordPress website to collect leads that way right into the marketing platform.

Can Kartra replace other software?

Is it worth having the best-in-class funnel system like Clickfunnels, or the best online course platform like Teachable?

Will you have so much more return on investment from your products and selling so much more if you’re heavily invested in every single product on the market?

Probably not.

And are you even using the full functionality of all of those software’s today?

It would be easier to reduce the number of services and opt for one platform only, which is perhaps not the best at every single tool, but good enough overall.

I’d say it’s much easier to minimize, go smaller, have everything under one roof, and explore from there. 

The thing is that since everything is integrated from the start, you don’t have to cancel subscriptions and move assets around.

Reducing, instead of adding, also helps you to stay focused working on your business instead of in your business.

Is Kartra worth it?

All right, so if you made it this far in our Kartra review then you most likely have one burning question left, is it worth it? 


I admit that when I jumped into Kartra, I didn’t realize the full potential of this platform, and what it’s capable of doing.

All I wanted was a good funnel builder with a built-in email autoresponder that didn’t cost too much per month.

I didn’t want the hassle of having to integrate multiple different platforms, and Kartra fulfilled every need for me when I started to play around with their toolbox.

And don’t just take my word, this is what other real users are saying:

What also got me into testing Kartra was the virtually free 14-day trial. I mean, you have nothing to lose, but I want to stress that it’s essential that you go in with the trial and test it.

Build stuff, make your course, create your funnels, and try the email autoresponder, there is a good chance that you’ll love it!

Now, if you are ready to try Kartra, click here and try it out for yourself!

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