I just moved an entire WordPress website from Bluehost to Hostinger, with SEO posts ranking on Google, and here is how it went, and what I learned.

Moving an entire website with over 30 blog posts already indexed and ranking on Google made me a little nervous, as I’ve heard that doing so can mess things up beyond repair.

So how did it go? Good! Without a hitch, check the video below for the full steps.

But before that let me back up a little bit, why was I moving my site to begin with?

Isn’t Bluehost the #1 WordPress recommended hosting company on the internet, promoted by virtually everyone?

Yes, on paper at least, let me explain as a year long Bluehost customer:

Bluehost is terribly slow, especially on mobile.

No matter what caching plugin I tried, or how lightweight I built my site, it never got above 40 on the Google Pagespeed Insights test, EVER.

One main reason was the server resonse time being at least over 2500ms.

As soon as I transfered my site to Hostinger, installed the included LiteSpeed caching plugin, reduced 1 file to a smaller size, i got 82 this instanst! Just by moving, amazing.

Oh and on the computer the score is 95, but who cares about that hah!

Bluehost comes with a lot of “hidden” charges/costs once the 12-month promo runs out

Yeah this one was not pretty, my account got auto-renewed even though I thought I had turned this off, they kindly added codeguard basic, and domain privacy as well in the price.

Now this is not a post bashing Bluehost, I love their customer support, but people need to be aware of how it works in real life. So just be aware of the upcoming costs so you don’t wake up one morning with $200-300 less in your bank account.

Oh and the reviews on trustpilot, well I’ll let it speak for itself..

So with the costs adding up, and a slow website, I decided to move it to Hostinger

And honestly, with a little research I moved it myself and without any real issues!

All you need is to install a backup plugin, I used WPVivid Backup as I had a bunch of blog posts with lots of images. The process goes like this:

  • Install the plugin WPVivid Backup
  • Create a Backup with the plugin, takes a minute
  • Download the backup to your computer
  • Create a new clean WordPress install on the new host
  • Install the same plugin on the new WordPress
  • Upload the backup file
  • Restore the backup
  • (Optional): If you plan to keep your domain name on the old hosting provider, you need to change the DNS so it points to your new hosting server. This is only necessary if you don’t move over the domain name to the new place.

For Bluehost you do it like this:

Minutes later the site was up and running again! Finally technology works as it should.

You can also let Hostinger migrate the site for you automatically, this way is faster with more control but you don’t have to do it yourself.

One issue I ran into, and how I solved it

So everything worked great, but the day after the transfer I couldn’t access my site, altough the helpful support at Hostinger could.

It turned out to be a DNS issue on my end, and no browser cache delete could fix it.

Finally I figured out that to get the newest site served to me, I had to change my wireless connections nameserver to the one from Google, and everything was back to normal.

Now if you’re patiente the DNS would have updated by itself in a day or two, but I wanted to work on my site ūüôā

And that’s how easy it is to migrate your entire wordpress website to a new host easily.

Now over to you, have you tried moving to a new host? Do you think you’ll try it yourself? Comment below!

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