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Step 4: Plan your site design

So far, we have gone over what your #1 goal is, figured out a domain name, and secured it with hosting; great!

Now it’s time to plan and engineer your site design before even touching WordPress.

The more you plan in this step, the smoother and faster it will be to make the website, as you’ll know exactly what you need.

This step can honestly speed up the entire process of making a website by 10x, so don’t skimp on this one.

Clarity over Cleverness (in 3-5 seconds)

Clarity sells, and this is for several reasons.

If your messaging, what you do, and what your site is about are not apparent in the first 3-5 seconds, a visitor will leave.

They won’t put in the effort of trying to figure out what your site is about. It’s much easier to leave and check out the next site instead.

And if a visitor leaves fast, Google will notice this in their “bounce rate” metric, which hurts your site big time.


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